Business Services


Business Services — we are here for you and you can count on us!


Cluster Five Business Services staff specializes in delivering great customer service we are here to assist and guide you through the many processes governed by UCOP/UCD regulations. We will assist you in submitting necessary documents which will enable us to process and or establish payments.

We are also your first point of contact for processing reimbursements (travel and entertainment), Invoices, and Contractual Agreements; Honoria payments and Human Subjects payment request.  

As stated in our Mission Statement “Our internal goal is to honor and respect each other and assist each other in all areas to help us not only create a great working environment but also to build a strong cohesive and knowledgeable unit that we may offer our best.”

Thank you.

Business Services


Business Services Staff - 1309 Hart Hall

Supervisor - Faye McCleery

ARE Support: Susan Sloan - 

ESP Support: Corina Lopez -

HE Support: Galina del Carmen -

ARE Graduate Group, Community Development Graduate Group, Geography Graduate Group, Human Development Graduate Group, Environmental Policy and Management Graduate Group and Graduate Group in Ecology; primary support: Cheryl Piety