Cluster 5 purchasing processors will place your order, track it, and help return it, handle your invoices. To help in the process you will need to do the following:

Get that Quote

This doesn't need to be a formal quote -- it can just be a printout of your Amazon cart -- but it will assist the purchasers to purchase exactly what you want. And of course, always ask the experts.

Get an Account Number

Your Faculty, CAO, and or Account Manager will provide you with an account number and approval. If you're a graduate student, you'll need to request an account number from your PI (Principal Investigator, sponsoring faculty member) before submitting an order.

Submit Your Purchasing Request

Use the PrePurchasing online purchase order system to submit requests. PrePurchasing lets you select your PI (if not you), vendor, be specific about your line items, add an account (or more if splitting between many accounts), attach documents (like a quote), and add any comments. You can then track progress of your order through the same system.

Prepurchasing: https://prepurchasing.ucdavis.edu

Once submitted, your order will route to your PI (if not you) for approval, then to an account manager to make certain the funds are spent according to the grant specifications, then onto the purchasers who contact the vendor (maybe by online form, maybe by phone.

Aggie Buy: https://aggiebuy.ucdavis.edu/


Purchasing & Business Contracts (UCD)

Independent Contractor

UC Davis Purchasing Card

Business Cards from Reprographics

Guide for Managing UCD Expenses

For computer orders, including VoIP and cell phones please contact your departmental IT group listed here: