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New Limit in Meal and Incidental Expenses reduced to $62. Also New Cap for nightly lodging rate is $275.00 http://afs.ucdavis.edu/our_services/travel-e-entertainment/index.html

 Entertainment Overview http://afs.ucdavis.edu/our_services/travel-e-entertainment/entertainment/index.html

Types of Entertainment http://afs.ucdavis.edu/our_services/travel-e-entertainment/entertainment/types-ent.html

Hosting a Conference http://afs.ucdavis.edu/our_services/travel-e-entertainment/entertainment/host-conf.html

Entertainment Form to submit for Reimbursement (Will provide for you link to form on Friday)

Direct Deposit for Reimbursements https://afs.ucdavis.edu/our_services/travel-e-entertainment/direct-deposit-info.html

Entertainment Policies




UC BUS, 79 Updated 2/2016

Entertainment Policy

UC Business and Finance Bulletins

UCD PPM, 330-80

Entertainment and Hospitality with University-Controlled Funds

UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual

UCD PPM, 270-21

Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual


Direct Deposit for Reimbursements- Request for Automatic Deposit could take two pay periods. https://afs.ucdavis.edu/our_services/travel-e-entertainment/direct-deposit-info.html

Taxation of Late Reports

Effective July 1, 2017, expense reports not submitted within 1 year of the reported trip/event end date, and cash advances not reconciled within 120 days of the reported trip/event end date will still be reimbursed, but will also be imputed as income through PPS for employees.

This means the traveler will pay income tax on the amount reimbursed because the report was submitted beyond the period allowable by policy. Click here for more information.

Expense Reports - http://afs.ucdavis.edu/systems/aggie-travel/expense-reports/index.html

Receipts http://afs.ucdavis.edu/systems/aggie-travel/receipts/index.html


For immediate assistance please contact Business Office Staff

ARE- Susan Sloan smsloan@ucdavis.edu

ESP- Corina Lopez corlopez@ucdavis.edu

HE/CRD-Galina Del Carmen gsdelcarmen@ucdavis.edu

HE/LDA- Cheryl Piety cpiety@ucdavis.edu


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