General Information:

The UC Davis Office of Research Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) asks that we submit proposals 5 business days prior to the deadline for the grant. In order for the account managers to draft a budget, complete any sponsor required forms, obtain PI and Chair signatures we ask that you submit the proposal to us 5 days prior to that. Example: If your proposal is due through on July 26, 2017, please submit the basic requirements 10 business days prior to this date. While, we would be more than happy to assist sooner, if you realize that it is already past the date you should have contacted your Account Manager please still proceed below. 

Are you new to Grant Writing?:

Basic Requirements of Account Managers to Assist:

  • RFP/RFA/Call/or link
    • If it is an unsolicited proposal please provide the Sponsor name, Contact information for the Sponsor and any indirect policy if available.
  • Are you collaborating with other departments at UC Davis? Or other UC’s? Or other State or Private Universities?
  • Bones/requirements of an ideal project budget
    • Example: 1 summer month for the PI, 2 GSR academic quarters at 49%, 1 GSR Summer quarter at 100%, $2,000 in travel, $500 in publications, and $1,500 for computer software. Subaward to the University of XXX for $250,000 not including indirects.

(CAUTION: Please be aware that the basic requirements are not all your Account Manager will need from you, once they have had a chance to review the RFP/RFA/Call and Sponsor Guidelines they will further assess the required documents. If you are interested in possible further requirements:


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HE Faculty and Researchers should complete this form and submit this form to the department Chair for approval.