Proposal Submission Deadlines

Our SPO office requires: 5 business days to review and return a proposal to our contracts and grants offices with any suggested edits.

  • This means fully certified (approved by all Senior Personnel and Department Chairs) through Cayuse SP with the required documents.
  • This means submitting to SPO almost finalized documents with exception to the suggested SPO edits.  
  • SPO’s website with some policies and best practices can be found here: which also includes a Handbook for Department Contract & Grant Staff, Principal Investigators and Approvers if you wish to expand your knowledge base.

Cluster 5 Contracts and Grants Unit requires:

Proposals where we are not the lead and have no subawards:

·     Email account manager via zendesk 10 business days prior to the sponsor deadline.

      • If we are the subaward, the prime institution is considered the sponsor. Their sponsor is then listed as the Prime sponsor.
      • Tip: Ask the lead institution their deadline to have these documents from UCD and then back that up 5 business days for SPO approval and 5 days for Cluster 5 deadline.

Federal Proposals being submitted through Cayuse 424/ (etc.) with no subawards:

·     Email account manager via zendesk 12 business days before the sponsor deadline.

Proposals with external subawards:

·     Email account manager via zendesk 15 business days before the sponsor deadline.

Things to keep in mind when collaborating with other institutions or departments and our offices:

  • If you are collaborating with other institutions and an award is due on a certain date, that institution may need the documents from UCD in advance of the actual proposal deadline.

·     As a reference we like to have a week to review subaward documents from other entities for errors and to get replacement docs before the deadline, UCD also requires additional forms, like the subreceipient commitment for or Multi-Campus Agreement.

  • If you are going out of town during the time that you are working on a proposal you need to either be available to respond to emails in a timely manner or you need to try and submit the proposal early before the deadline, meaning you need to notify your account manager earlier too.

We understand that it is not always possible to provide the full amount of time to your account manager, but please also understand that we are not able to process proposals on a next day or even 2 day turnaround to the Sponsor and have it go through SPO as we have many other competing deadlines and proposals.

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