How to check your Account Balances

1)      Go to: FIS Decision Support

2)      Log in using your ID and passphrase

3)      In the top right corner, in “Query Jump: “ box type in 1, then press enter


4)      In the “Organization(s)” field, type the 4-digit ORG code that corresponds to your department:

  1. Agricultural & Resource Economics – AARE
  2. Environmental Science & Policy – ADES
  3. Human Ecology – AHCE







5)      On the same page, approximately halfway down, please search for the “Principal Investigator” by selecting the magnifying glass icon to the right of the field




  1. A new search window will open.  Type in your last name or a fragment then press enter.  Find your name, then click on it. 








6)      Click “process query” either at the bottom of the page or in the top right corner.





7)      You should now see a list of your accounts.  Feel free to click around.  You may browse different months by clicking “prior month” or “next month” in the right top corner.  Also, you may click on “view ledger” next to your account to view all transactions for that month.